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Funeral service celebrates drowned athlete’s life

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – Corey McKenzie wore a black suit. His tie was striped — black and white — and his hands, clad in white gloves, were folded on his chest. In his left arm, he held a Bible.

At his funeral Saturday, a dozen floral arrangements flanked the gray casket. And except for the faint sounds of weeping, the room at Calvary Chapel was still. Continue Reading →

Prayers, money make their way to loved ones in Jamaica

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – Some rushed to transfer money. Others prepared to send emergency supplies. Others prayed.

Hurricane Dean’s fury as one of the most powerful storms to cross the Caribbean awakened feelings of alarm and dread Saturday among the nearly 400,000 Jamaican-Americans in South Florida, prompting many to organize emergency aid campaigns and contact relatives and friends back home. Continue Reading →

He’s scared, but refuses to go to shelter

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – Raymond Perez thought the memorial garden of the Church-by-the-Sea was a safe place to sleep.

But seven hours after settling up a small resting area there Wednesday night, Perez was struck in the head, arms and legs with something that “felt like a stick,” sending a throbbing shocks through his body and leaving him bloody and injured under his olive-green polyester blanket.

Perez, 49, became the third victim of violent beatings on homeless people around Fort Lauderdale early Thursday morning. Continue Reading →

Farm workers avoid shelters

Bonita Springs, Fla. –  Juan Lopez stood shirtless in front of his battered, rusty trailer park home with a Budweiser longneck in his right hand and the Mexican novel Estefania in the other.

A huge live oak tree and several pine trees swayed over Lopez ‘s trailer as Hurricane Wilma’s winds approached Southwest Florida on Sunday afternoon. His skin shimmered as he came out of his hot, humid home.

Lopez , 43, a construction worker, will weather his first storm at home, even though officials issued a mandatory evacuation order for all mobile home residents in Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties. He’s scared about the storm but more scared of being deported. Continue Reading →

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