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Dairy cliff: Milk prices could double without new farm bill

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Goodhue, Minn. — As the year comes to a close, many in the nation’s capitol are focused on the “fiscal cliff” — the combination of spending cuts and tax increases that will take effect in January if Congress does not reach a new budget deal.

But there’s also a “dairy cliff” looming that has farmers across the Midwest anxious. Because Congress failed to pass a new farm bill, price levels for milk are set to expire at the end of the year. If that happens, the price of milk will nearly double.

Uneasy bedfellows, religion and politics in Red Wing marriage amendment debate

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Red Wing, Minn. — When a dozen churchgoers recently gathered to discuss the marriage amendment, it quickly became clear that not everyone agreed that their religious views should be enshrined in the state constitution. On the agenda was the measure on the November ballot that asks voters if they want to make marriage only between a man and a woman, reinforcing a provision in state law.

In Red Wing, a picturesque town of 16,472 residents on the Mississippi River in southeastern Minnesota, few signs from either side dot lawns or storefronts along Main Street. Business owners say they veer away from the topic to avoid confrontations with friends and long-time customers.

Closely divided La Crosse Co. gears up for Walker recall election

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La Crosse, Wis. — Wisconsin voters will decide next week whether Republican Gov. Scott Walker will remain in office. Two recent polls show the governor has a slight advantage over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, in a race being watched nationally.

Like much of the state, southwestern Wisconsin is divided. In 2010, Walker defeated Barrett by just 115 votes in La Crosse County. Yet it’s also a county where Democrat President Barack Obama defeated Republican John McCain in 2008 handily — 61 percent to 37.5 percent.

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