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Library’s move reignites debate of explicit art in public places

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – It was born from the private collection of a local college student. Now it’s one of the nation’s leading libraries of gay and lesbian literature and history.

Located inside the Gay and Lesbian Community Center, the Stonewall Library and Archives boasts the largest private collection of gay and lesbian writings, videos and historical documents in the southeastern United States. Continue Reading →

Romance, relief, solace: hot springs are way cool

Curacautin, Chile – A timid roar surfaces from a fracture in the ground, jetting a misty stream into the night. A single bulb lit the path to the steaming mountainside pool, sheltered by stars set in a dark velvety canopy.

11 p.m, 40 degrees. Time for a warm-up nature’s way – in a hot spring.

In Chile’s Lake Region, hot springs are an excuse for a vacation. The National Service for Geology and Mining here counts 244 outlets of geothermal waters. Most lie in the volcanic zone stretching from the Andes to the Pacific, north of Patagonia near the city of Puerto Montt. Continue Reading →

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